And Justice For All


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Roaming the streets at night with a heart Is it safe? Under these circumstances it's impossible to explain Now that we're such a bunch of adults I was going there for real Soot may burst from the funnel, well now What's there for me? More than a harmless crush, who's to blame anyway? Under these circumstances it's useless to explain
I thought it was fine I thought we were good. The way that it sounds and the way that it should. There were no more sights from the shore. We sank like a rock and that's the end of it all and the end of it all that's the law. To get back from the cynical days. Silent and still So this is me. The tension of pills I think you should leave. I thought you had taste. I guess I was wrong. I miss the face. The face had it all and I think that is all. To fall. To get back from the cynical days.
Wash 04:39
Your gaudy smile My reptile eyes I'm awake That poisoned stream The stench of dreams I'm awake Lowering the standards already below the belt It's so late All that time we were pretending how to laugh Oh I never thought I'd get that high Even though my roles were from such a narrow scale Oh this life so humiliating Bled white sky left behind She's awake That hungry stare that points nowhere She's awake Rushing through the darkness already above the hope It's so late I'm so sorry sister See the part of the deal was to never wash it away My warpainted sister See the part of the deal was to never wash it away I'm awake She's awake It's so late
We let our heads melt in this hideous heat I was so eager to please Money well spent at least I try to glue my soul into your dream Wrong kind of evil a true nonbeliever I made myself so clear Wrong kind of evil a true nonbeliever and it won’t go anywhere You said I’m holding you back so I’m letting you go We gave up on everything It was my turn to sing Money well spent don’t you think? I try to remind you Don’t forget how to blink
Keying Cars 04:17
Countless companions Still someone's in charge Somewhere a long time ago there were two little kids keying cars So what are you afraid of? Does it still follow you around? May days they haven't been very well but at least I've learnt how to smile and how to disappear in style Worthless without it but too much to prove I don't know how to begin but the song demands to "get into the groove" Keep up the good work I think we're almost there We're digging a hole pretty deep but I get to retrain it and you don't care if All the right people get what they deserve As if it still functions the way that it should You like to watch it gasping for air it's well understood Times can be different and people can change We could be friends after all But don't you think that all this it sounds pretty lame because All the right people get what they deserve
Jive 03:46
Look who's coming up and running Rookie of the Year He'll get us all out of here Let it jive My head feels like a wheel Ready, steady and let it go My arm's like a magazine Dirty talking everything's a no Mother of seven cousin of eleven just to make it clear He'll get us all out of here
Giant Hoof 03:07
It's getting better Reach into the wild And with nothing to hide but the stuff that's behind the container It's better Yeah it really is And I think I've gotten a hold on to something amazingly good and reached the goal Hold on! I'm skinny I'm fat I'm short and tall Something in between and all of that All day It gets strange And after the last of the sounds that fades from the grave of the dead Hold on! Stay strong! Did you know baby that in a moment or two We'll figure out a good excuse from this place I like to smoke I smoke a lot I don't smoke I really don't


released May 22, 2020

Recorded by Aki Pohjankyrö
Mixed by Nick Triani
Mastered by Philip Granqvist
Soliti 081


all rights reserved



LOVE SPORT Helsinki, Finland

New album "And Justice For All" out now!

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